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Cisco MCS to Cisco UCS

Dear Folks,

I have a BOQ which consists of the follwoing MCS servers.Now I want to convert into UCS platform .

I am very new to UCS tech.

Total User/station  count is around 8000 and servers will be distributed over two data centers.

CUCM : 1 publisher and 4 subscribers (MCS7845I3-K9-CMD3A - 5 Nos)  2 out of 4 subcribers will be in DC2.

Unity Connection : 2  ( MCS7845I3-K9-UCC3 - 2 Nos) (1 server per DC)

Emeregency Responder :2 (MCS-7845-I3-IPC1 - 2 Nos) (1 server per DC)

Contact Center Express :2 ( MCS-7845-I3-CCX1 - 2 Nos) (1 Server per DC)

WFO and QM : 2 (MCS-7845-I3-CCX1- 2 Nos) (1 Server per DC)

Presence Server :2 ( MCS-7845-I3-IPC1 - 2 Nos) ( 1 Server per DC)

MP Web Server : 2 (MCS-7845-I3-RC2 - 2 Nos)  (1 Server per DC)

MP application Server:2 ( MCS-7845-I3-RC2) (1 Server per DC).

Kindly help me to convert the above item into best Cisco UCS platform.Kindly mention if any application co-residency issue when these servers will be hosted on the UCS blades.

Thanks in advance


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Cisco MCS to Cisco UCS

Hey Anand,

Thanks for sharing the links . I already know all of  these links,

helpful only if someone give me some idea from his past experience.


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Cisco MCS to Cisco UCS

Decide if you want to go with B or C series, then get enough blades if using B or servers if using C. If I was to go with C-series I would stay with 4 VMs per physical server, but you need to be careful not to oversubscribe, for example if you decide to go with 20K UCON OVA on C210 chasis you basically have to desigate the entire server to it, other applications can be shared. So, go through the CPU/RAM/Disk Space requirements for each application, and see how many servers you will need. Just doing quick math in my head I would imaging you will need  6-8 UCS C-series servers.


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