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Cisco TSP services

Dear sir

i m trying to intergrate CCM user (which i have already group in standard CTI group)with cisco TSP sevices. but when i check log it show me. Error

i m getting following error

04/23/2008 20:49:21.202 CiscoTSP001.tsp| CSelsiusTSP::CSelsiusTSP() *ERROR* Failed to read instance id from registry ,[0xFFFFFFFF]|

04/23/2008 20:49:21.202 CiscoTSP001.tsp| CSelsiusTSP::ReadUserNamePassword() *ERROR* User name not specified in registry|

04/23/2008 20:49:21.217 CiscoTSP001.tsp| CSelsiusTSPUIMsgGetInfo::ProcessTSPUIMsgGetInfo() *ERROR* Failed to read instance id from registry ,[0xFFFFFFFF]|

04/23/2008 20:49:47.421 CiscoTSP001.tsp| CSelsiusTSPUIMsgGetInfo::ProcessTSPUIMsgGetInfo() *ERROR* Failed to read instance id from registry ,[0xFFFFFFFF]|

Actally i m trying to integrate SSAM (stonevoice messgaing) with CCM 5.1.

I have attached complete document. kindly check it

your assistance will be higly appreciated



Re: Cisco TSP services

On the client:

Make sure you do a clean install on a system that had no TSP before.

After install go to control panel > Phone and Modem Options > advanced> select CiscoTSP001.tsp, click configure.

Check the version, should be 5.1(0.18)

The user should be an end user in CallManager, make sure the passwordis correct.

Make sure the correct CTI manager IP address is present.

On the security tab I only provided the TFTP address. other configuration settings are default

On CCMadmin:

Check that the end user has one controlled device

the user is part of the standard cti enabled and CCM End Users groups

the primary extension has been configured correctly

On the device: enable "Allow Control of Device from CTI", put the correct "Owner User ID"

On the line: enable "Allow Control of Device from CTI"

After all of the above has been configured/verified:

restart the CTI Manager service

reboot the client machine (was necessary for me to get it to work)


On the client go to C:\Program Files\Windows NT and open dialer.exe

go to edit > options.

Preferred line for calling: "phone"

line used for phone calls: "Cisco Line: ..."

+ click dial, select phone call, enter the digits of the number you aretrying to dial

New Member

Re: Cisco TSP services

thanks for your assistance, my problem is resolved by yr suggestion,

thanks again.

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