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Cisco Unity 4.0.5 & Personal Assistant 1.4.5 - DTMF Tones

Hi, have a rather strange and perhaps complex issue (maybe Jeff Lindborg can help??) with regard to transferring calls from PA to Unity.

When a call goes into PA that from an outside caller that it not listed anywhere in either the PA system, perhaps as a destination number used in rules, or in Unity, as an alternate extension, then the call will go through to the subscriber voicemail prompt correctly, however if the calling number is listed in PA as a destination, and again not in Unity as alternate extension, then the call will not go through to subscriber (called number) mailbox, but instead will go to the system greeting. If the calling number is listed in Unity alternate extension and in PA then the call will go through to subscriber mailbox and you go can leave a message etc.

This system was upgraded from CM 3.1 to 4.1.3, Unity 3.1.5 to 4.0.5 and PA 1.X to 1.4.5.

Example; calls are made from external, ie cell.

usera calls userb, external call, if usera number is a not known to the system (PA or Unity) and userb does not pick up, then the call will go to userb mailbox to leave message. Port monitor shows DTMF digits EXT#2 (where EXT is extension number)

Usera calls userb, but the usera calling number is perhaps a cell phone used by someone known to userb, then the call will fail and not go to userb subscriber mailbox but instead gets system greeting, DTMF digits passed are #EXT#2. Please note that there are no PA rules setup that would cause this, PA is working fine.

usera calls userb, usera calling number is listed as usera alternate extension, also listed as destination in PA, the call will go through to userb voicemail to leave message etc, passed DTMF digits are EXT#2.

Therefore can someone advise on how to fix this issue, it must be something to do with the the DTMF digits that are being passed from PA to Unity, this all used to work fine in Unity 3.1 and PA 1.x, but not now in Unity 4.0.5 and PA 1.4.5.

PA Messaging Settings:

Internal Seq-#X#2

External Seq-#X2

Appreciate and response!



Community Member

Re: Cisco Unity 4.0.5 & Personal Assistant 1.4.5 - DTMF Tones

I've ran into same issue, I think that your on the right path. My setting for Internal Seq are #X#2 and for External Seq X#2, I had to remove the leading # on External and it then worked. I hope this helps.

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