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Cisco Unity 7.X didn’t received external message

Dear All,

Good day for all of you. I would like ask about my Cisco unity problem. I have Cisco Unity 7.0 Build 7.0(2) integrated with Microsoft Exchange 2003; I received voice messages from internal users who are defined as subscribers only and didn’t received message from others like internal users who aren’t defined as subscribers or direct external messages.

Please your help and support will be highly appreciated.


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Re: Cisco Unity 7.X didn’t received external message

Look at this doc

Cisco Unity Unable to Deliver Voicemail Messages  to the Subscriber Mailboxes

For anyone that does not have a user in AD, the unity_ account is responsible for the delivery.



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Re: Cisco Unity 7.X didn’t received external message

I follow this documents but didn’t solve my problem please find attached files include event errors.

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Re: Cisco Unity 7.X didn’t received external message

Looks like there may be 2 problems:

1) system is in UMR
2) Unity doesn't know how to route b/c of SQl missing entries

For 2)
Can you verify in SQL enterprise manager whether in the Subscriber table, the subscribers have a value for the "HomeServer" field.
If it's blank, it would explain the error:
"The Unity Message Repository could not retrieve a recipient for a message"

As far as UMR is concerned:

Best to run Permissions wizard again whilst logged in as a full blown domain admin
(can possibly even consider creating a new unitymsgstoresvc/unitydirsvc account)

Once done, you can verfify in ADUC and then check the Unity_  account.
You will have to first  activate Advanced features (go to advanced view from menu - View / Advanced Features).
Then go to the properties of the Unity_account.
Under Security check if you can see the Unitymsgstoresvc account and if it has inherited "Send-As rights"
(see screenshot)
Then go to Advanced and check if the rights are set to Inherited (checkbox
Then under Exchange Advanced/Mailbox Right check if the Unitymsgstoresv account is present and has the permissions "Full Mailbox Access"
In addition we need send-as and receive-as rights on the Mailboxstore level in System manager for the UnityMsgstoresvc acct.
Also delegate Control in Exchange after running the permWizard.

After running perm wizard again, can rerun Message Store config wizard again.


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