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Cisco Unity 8 problem: Partner Mail Server Offline

We are changing Unity 8 partner from exchange 2007 to exchange 2010. We installed the ES10, uninstalled exchange software, ran the server update wizard, installed the latest version of ExchangeMapiCdo.exe, ran permissions wizard, created mailbox for UnityMsgStoreSvc, created the throttling policy and then ran the message store wizard. 

The exchange 2010 server version is SP1 with rollup 6.

The problem is that the unity is returning Information Store on the Partner mail server is offline. Two events are reported in the event viewer of the unity server:

  • •1)      Event ID 110: The Unity Message Repository cannot communicate with the Partner Mail Server to deliver messages.  Messages will be held in the temporary store until the mail server is available.
  • •2)      Event ID 1017: The Information Store for the Unity System Mailbox on the Partner Exchange Server is offline during ExchangeMonitor Startup. All message notification processing is disabled until this has been resolved. When the Exchange Monitor detects that this server is back online, registration for notifications will proceed.

Now I set to 1 the registry key HKLM > Software > Active Voice > AvWm > 1.00 > Disable Server Status Check (DWORD) to disable the server ping check and to make AvWm assume that all Exchange servers are up all the time. Other events appeared in the event viewer including event ID 137 described as follows: Attempts to deliver Unity Message Repository messages have failed due to Unity configuration or connectivity issues with the Partner Mail Server. AvUMRSyncSvr will suspend message delivery for 300 seconds, after which message delivery will be attempted again. During this outage, messages may accumulate in the temporary store. 0x00002580

When I reset the same registry key to 0 I get warning events ID 1004 telling that each exchange server in my organization is offline. I also used the RPCtest.exe utility and it’s returning that the partner server and every other exchange server are online.

Does anyone have any idea how we can solve this problem ?

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Cisco Unity 8 problem: Partner Mail Server Offline


Please advice if anyone has an idea about the issue we are facing.

Thanks in advance,

Cisco Unity 8 problem: Partner Mail Server Offline

Couple of questions:

1.  Did you follow the integration guide for this integration?  The required tasks are outlined here:

If you have not already done so, you'll need to make sure you cover all of the bases in the integration guide.

2.  If you are migrating from 2007 to 2010 then you should have already had a mailbox for the message store service.  Did you move the existing mailbox over to 2010 as noted in the integration guide?  I ask because you state that you "created" a mailbox in your original post so it is not clear.


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Cisco Unity 8 problem: Partner Mail Server Offline

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply

1-      Yes we followed the integration guide.

2-      I was surprised for not finding a mailbox for the cisco unity mail store service user so I created it on exchange partner server in the partner database. And also the other unity mailboxes created by the message store wizard are on the same database.

Waiting for your help

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Hello Mirna,I know this issue

Hello Mirna,

I know this issue is old; what was the resolution for your problem?  We are experiencing something similar.


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