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Cisco Unity Auto-Attendent

I have installed Unity to work as AA (AutoAttended) and voicemail. Now in case of AA, unity is able to route the calls to only those extensions which have subscriber in the Unity. Unity is integrated with Callmanager. Callmanager has 1000 extensions whereas unity has just got 200 subscribers licences. So now if someone from outside calls the company AA and the caller dials an extension which does not have a corresponding subscriber, then Unity complains that "I did not recognize that extension".

Now, is there someway to route all unknown calls from Unity to Callmanager?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Unity Auto-Attendent

Yes, you need to configure an option that routes you to a call system transfer which does allow you to dial anything from your dial rules in Unity.

This allows for toll fraud, so make sure to configure the dial rules in unity and the CSS from VM ports to be configured to reach only internal DNs.



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Re: Cisco Unity Auto-Attendent

Thanks javalenc,

'Caller system transfer' takes place when an incoming call is directed to this. This means that i have to break the existing AA. Can we do something that  is transparent to the caller like: The caller calls to the AA number, hears the opening greeting and then caller dials an extension. Now weather the receiver has got a subscriber in unity or not, the call should be redirected to callmanager.


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Re: Cisco Unity Auto-Attendent

Unity Connection 7.0 and later supports exactly that - you use the "Allow Transfers to numbers no associated with users or call handlers" option

on one (or all) of the greetings pages and if a caller dials a number during that greeting Connection will first see if the extension is owned by a handler or user and if it is, go there - if not it will check the number against the system transfer restriction table - if it passes it will do a simple release transfer to that number.

Unity does not have this type of fall back functionality - the work to add this was wrapped around partition and search space support which is unique to Unity Connection I'm afraid.

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