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Cisco Unity cold standby

I have a client that has a main site and a DR site. Located at the main site is the Subscriber, Unity primary and failover servers integrated with an Exchange 2003 cluster. Located at the DR site is the Publisher, a backup DC and backup Exchange. The client want to setup a cold standby Unity server at the DR site. Assuming I can get the necessary licensing, can I build a cold standby server from a DIRT backup of the primary Unity server and have it register to the publisher in disaster recovery mode? In other words, a WAN failure. What are the steps involved in building the new server?


Re: Cisco Unity cold standby

you may want to think about a unity failover server. a second unityPrimary box at a DR will not be transparent for data sychronization or seemless failover. (let alone DID access)

everything from the computer SID in the AD to the exchange mailboxes not being able to be synchronized will be issues.

(you could build a new unity server and use that as a 'cold standby' system but it would not have any interaction or synchronization with the other unity system and failover to the new unity would be manual)

see this link for more unity failover info for your version of unity:

Re: Cisco Unity cold standby

Might be easier to just come up with a process where a mirrored drive is taken offsite every month of the unity server. In the event of a DR at HQ, you can pull up that mirror drive of Unity and bring to the DR location and pop it in your "cold standby" unity server for instant on access then.

If you plan on splitting your Primary and Secondary server (which would be the best) just make sure your bandwidth is capable of live SQL replication. Because if the WAN link is shakey or not fast enough, you will Unity problems. Unity uses heartbeats to check in with the primary/secondary. If Secondary can not sense the primary, it will start up automatically and shut down primary. (if it is setup this way) You can however, set the failover to manual, then you control it. Set the heartbeats to a great threshold and you should be ok. But still check the wan link.


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