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Cisco Unity Connection 10.1 VM giving bep tone when callign from CUCM IP Phones

Hello All,

I am having successgully runnign CUCM, CUC and IMP version 10.X in BE6K server and today i seen one issue that when calling voiemail i am getting beep tone...

i checked all vm configuration in cucm and cuc it looks ok and reset all them but stil have same issue...


can someone face same issue for vm in cuc 10.1?

how can i get cause of it and fix it?

Warm Regard's =========== Amit
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Explain the beep tone? To me

Explain the beep tone? To me it sounds like the number you are calling has a Blank greeting set and the call is set to "Take Message" after the greeting, hence the beep. 

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It is like busytone pe pe pe.

It is like busytone pe pe pe...


Warm Regard's =========== Amit

Ok ,that means voicemail

Ok ,that means voicemail system is not accepting calls?? Are the voicemail ports registered? If it was working fine and suddently stopped working, were there any changes made? Are both the systems in service? Will be difficult to figure out cause, I would suggest opening a TACcase. 

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