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Cisco Unity Connection 9.1 Call handling



I want to configure the call handling means if some body calls on board line 24500000 the corporate opening greeting should be played and then press 1 for sales, press 2 for technical,press 3 for presales, these all audio (corporate greeting, press 1 for sales ,press2 for technical etc....) can be done by a text to speech in unity connection or i have to enroll a audio recording company.

Also please route me to good doc how to configure call handling.




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Hello ExpertsNobody has come

Hello Experts

Nobody has come across to such situation


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You can use Unity Connection

You can use Unity Connection Call handlers to build Auto Attendant trees, not sure what you would want TTS here, perhaps you meant ASR (speech recognition), if so UCXN can do some of it, but not to the extend you might want. Google Unity Connection call handlers and you will find ton of good info.


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Hello,Please correct me,By


Please correct me,

By the media master i can record by my voice and upload it to the unity connection for call handling.

if the above statement is correct then i don't have to spend money to any audio recording company who are professional in this job.


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Sure, you can do that, either

Sure, you can do that, either upload via media master, record using media master or dial in and record via greeting administrator. All are viable methods.


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Dears,I dont know much abt


I dont know much abt unity connection but trying to configure first time, so pls bare with me,

If  i dont want to use my voice and instead i want a system to speak, such as for user display name is pronounced by the system when the caller reaches to user voice mail box,

Sorry... <recorded name played here, or, Display Name> not available. Record
your message at the tone.


so suppose  if i need press 1 for sales, press 2 for presales to be spoken by system, is it possible???


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Hello,Can anybody can answer


Can anybody can answer me,



No, essentially, the way your

No, essentially, the way your digit input works, is that it runs on the back ground while your greeting gets played out. In other words the greeting that a user hears when dialling into the call handler is totally separate from what Caller input key are usable under the call handler's configuration.


So, no the system cannot play out the options automatically without a cutomised prompt, not out of the box anyway


Also, you can use the greeting administrator to change the greeting that is being played out by the call handler. that way you dont have to muck around uploading and converting wav files.


Forget the word auto attendant, its just a call handler.


i hope that makes sense.

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Hi Clark, Just to add a note

Hi Clark,


Just to add a note to the good tips from Chris (+5!)


I would go through the training tips for this great tool designed to build Call Handlers. It's called AudioText Manager;


Then you can use the Greetings Administrator Conversation to do all your recordings smiley






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