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cisco unity data store

guys i am installing unity 4.2 on MCS 7845 with windows 2003 server on it. Now i have started the cuspa.vbs an dit asked me about th eports an dbla bla then after that it started checking th eexsisting thinhgs installed and then it gives me erroe(i wount say an erroe but with yellow traingle ) that following thing need to be installed cisco unity data sttore....what is that and what cd shd i put in i have no clue at all.....or shd i browse to the same cd......regards


Re: cisco unity data store

Datastore is nothing but SQL cd. If you cant find it, you can use a licensed copy of Microsoft SQL std.



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Re: cisco unity data store


but th edoc i am following it says that forst i have to do cuspa an dthen install sql.....i mena shd i install sql foirst an dthen run cuspa....your expert advise is needed


Re: cisco unity data store

CUSPA is just telling you that sql is not installed.

it does not matter which is run first.

SQL is a program that Unity has to have to work.

CUSPA is a program that checks to see if all the programs that Unity needs to work are installed before you install.

I would run put the unity data store cd in an run it first and then run cuspa. don't forget you also need the sp also.


Re: cisco unity data store

To add to what Randall just said, even if you run CUSPA first, when it asks to install Datastore, when you click the link for Datastore, it will prompt you to install the data store disc. If you have the original datastore (SQL) discs that came with Unity you can insert that into the drive. If not as Randall suggested, you can install any SQL first, SP4 and then run CUSPA..

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