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Cisco Unity IP Fax on Unity 8

I just recently migrated from Unity 4.0.5 to Unity 8.  I know that Unity IP Fax isn't supported in v8 however I do have it working with one exception.  I cannot get the software to render PDF files on outbound faxes.  On Unity 4 I installed Adobe Reader 7.  On Unity 8 I install Adobe Reader 9.3.3.

I have added the PDF file extension to the 3rd party fax admin in the tools depot and selected "Cisco Unity IP Fax Routing" as the fax server.  Basically I have configured everything the same in v8 as it was in v4.

Does anyone else do this?  Any thoughts?



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Re: Cisco Unity IP Fax on Unity 8

This is the output in the log file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Log session started: 10-10-28, 09:16:09 AM
Platform: WinNT 4.0
Release Compilation
pszPrinterName ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver
pszAnsiFileName C:\CommServer\UnityMTA\IpFaxScratchpad\MsgBody.txt
pszOutFileName C:\CommServer\UnityMTA\IpFaxScratchpad\render.tif
FileType:0 multiPages:1 command:2 timeout:1800

Entering pdcf_WriteInfoForControlDialog()
oppening file: "C:\CommServer\Utilities\IPFaxConfigWizard\ImgMaker\Conversion_Toolkit\ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver.FWD"
to transfer data (printdoc.dll -> printdoc.exe dialog)
data flushed!
MS: 174214544
deleted file: "C:\CommServer\Utilities\IPFaxConfigWizard\ImgMaker\Conversion_Toolkit\ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver.BWD" used to transfer data from dialog back to here!
MS: 174214545

Leaving pdcf_WriteInfoForControlDialog()

verb:[printto] params:["ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver" "winspool" "Ne00:"]

Calling ShellExecuteEx()
MS: 174214546
ShellExecute() succeded

Calling pdcf_WaitForDoneFromControlDialog()
MS: 174214618

Entering pdcf_WaitForDoneFromControlDialog()
Monitoring cancel event: ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver.printdoc.cancel
Event already exists [this is good]
  fopen() failed
  fread() failed
!DONE: timeout = 1799
reading file: "C:\CommServer\Utilities\IPFaxConfigWizard\ImgMaker\Conversion_Toolkit\ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver.BWD" to get 'done' signal from dialog
MS: 174215624
!DONE: timeout = 1798
reading file: "C:\CommServer\Utilities\IPFaxConfigWizard\ImgMaker\Conversion_Toolkit\ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver.BWD" to get 'done' signal from dialog
MS: 174216626
!DONE: timeout = 1797
reading file: "C:\CommServer\Utilities\IPFaxConfigWizard\ImgMaker\Conversion_Toolkit\ImageMaker DocCnvrt Driver.BWD" to get 'done' signal from dialog
MS: 174217628
ppd_trans_feedback.done = TRUE

Calling pdcf_WriteAckToControlDialog()
MS: 174217629

Entering pdcf_WriteAckToControlDialog
flushing 'done ack' signal to dialog
MS: 174217630
Have to wait

Leaving pdcf_WriteAckToControlDialog

Leaving pdcf_WaitForDoneFromControlDialog()

pdcf_WaitForDoneFromControlDialog() returned
MS: 174218197

Entering pdcf_CleanUpControlDialog()
MS: 174218197
Log session stopped: 10-10-28, 09:16:13 AM

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