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Cisco Unity sending same voicemail over and over again on alternate extension

Hello Experts,

Hope you can help.  I have one user in our organization that has two lines on her phone configured.  The second line is setup in Cisco Unity as an alternate extension so when users call and she doesn't pick up users are prompted to leave a voicemail.  As of yesterday she has been receiving one voicemail per minute to her email inbox from Cisco Unity which when played simply says "press one now."  Again this just started happening.  Removing the alternate extension from her Unity voicemail account stops the messages from coming in.  The minute I add it back they start coming in again.  Very strange.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cisco Unity Version:

CUCM version

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Re: Cisco Unity sending same voicemail over and over again on al

In addition I just discovered that the messages are coming from our VMRestrictedPT and voicemail ports, the entire range.  Hope this helps...


Turns out I had notification devices settings enabled and directed towards her DID so CUCM or Unity kept calling the DID thus creating a loop and successive voicemails trying to be delivered to that number.  Once I disabled notification devices setting everything went back to normal.

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