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Cisco Unity ServerUpdatesWizard-v.3.0.02-12-2009


I've just applied the latest OS security updates, hot fixes and patches updates to our Unity 5 VM cluster and understand that the Server Updates Wizard is the best way to approach this.

Following the update, I ran a cursory check against Microsoft’s download site following was more than a little surprised to see that we are already 19 critical updates behind.

What do other people do - do you religiously wait for Cisco to release the patches in the next update wizard or do you get them direct from Microsoft. Has anyone come really unstuck if they have pursued the latter path.

Also, I noted that this update called for the CSA (the stripped down non-configurable version) to be uninstalled before I could update it (I had selected that it be updated in the opening menu options). However the update didn't re-instate it. Did I miss something.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cisco Unity ServerUpdatesWizard-v.3.0.02-12-2009

I usually wait for the next Serverupdate wizard to come out.  Cisco needs to verify that any and all patches MS releases will stay keep Unity running correctly. If you feel you need to run a certain update, think about how it could affect Unity.  Such as Exchange updates... must wait for Cisco.

Stick with the server updates from Cisco, not MS.

As for the CSA, it should simply re-install.  If not, download it from CCO again.

Re: Cisco Unity ServerUpdatesWizard-v.3.0.02-12-2009

Thanks for your response. I guess in my heart of hearts, I'd convinced myself that the Unity SUW was the way to go but with Microsoft issuing "out of band” critical updates (the latest one is for IE if memory serves), it was useful to see what others are doing.

I'll follow your advice and stick with Cisco

Best regards


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