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Cisco Employee

* Cisco Unity Tools Updates, 11/25/08 *

** Updated Bulk User Delete on the Connection 7.x tools page:

- This includes a more comprehensive "dependency" report that shows _all_ links to users being deleted and/or reported on even if they don't cause the SA to deny the deletion request. It also includes some big improvements in performance for the report output by optimizing the queries involved.

** Updated Unity Export and the Data Viewer utility on the COBRAS page:

- The Unity export produces backups that support the new import features (more user data, interview handler support, more backed up system data, Domino support) that will be required by the import tools that'll be updated in the next couple weeks.

- The data viewer now supports showing much more information about the backups, but more interestingly it allows for users to alter the alias and/or extensions for users in the backup. So folks wanting to change numbering plans and/or alias naming conventions when merging/migrating users can perform that directly on the backup MDB file prior to using it for import. Be sure to make a copy of the MDB file before editing it with this tool. Safety first.

** Updated the Wallet Card Wizard on the Connection 7.x tools page:

- Some minor fixes and wording changes and some UI improvements suggested by QA.

** Updated the online help for the DiRT utility on the Unity 4.x/5.x7.x tools page:

- Guest Flying Monkey member Lee was nice enough to work through the details of how to do a DiRT restore to an Exchange 2007 based Unity install. Please note that this is not TAC or BU supported yet (QA has yet to qualify the procedure), however the question has come up so many times, providing a "beta" set of instructions seemed like a good idea. Only the on line version of the help is updated, the help bundled with the installs of DiRT has not been changed at this point. Once the procedure is fully tested and qualified, the tool installs will be rolled to include the details.

** What's next:

As promised, COBRAS updates are coming - the export tool posted above provides the backup support for these updates, the two import tools will be updated in the next couple weeks hopefully.

Audio Text Manager continues to progress - I will be posting a video (probably Flash) for folks who registered interest in the beta to get some feedback on a few key user interface decisions I'm having to make along the way. This should be out after the holiday weekend. I still hope to have the "read only" explorer version available to these same beta folks next week as well.


Re: * Cisco Unity Tools Updates, 11/25/08 *

Jeff, can you comment on two things:

* What does it mean when a tool is not TAC supported? Does this mean TAC will not support us in the use of the tool (which is understandable) only but support us in the event something goes wrong with the system? We're just trying to understand the risk/liability of using the tools on a production system

* When might the Unity Connection 7 tools become TAC supported? Is that on the roadmap?


Cisco Employee

Re: * Cisco Unity Tools Updates, 11/25/08 *

Each tool (regardless of which platform it's targeted at) has a supported/unsupported note on it. What that means is that TAC has received training on it and will take escallations on problems with the tool itself and/or issues the use of it may have caused.

If it's not supported then technically they can deny support for the tool itself and if they determine the use of that tool caused a problem with the system, ask you to restore/reinstall before proceeding. In reality, of course, they're not going to stiff arm you like that. Usually they end up passing you off to the BU engineer responsible for the tool (i.e. me).

In general if a tool is marked as not supported I ask folks to use it in their labs before going live on a production system and ping me directly with problems. I try and turn stuff around quick and I'm keen to hear of problems folks are running into in the field.

Several of the Connection tools are, of course, supported already. Check the tool's home page. Bulk Delete is not (wont be till the next major release when I can run TAC training for it).

I realize the unsupported tag makes some sites nervous. I feel there is more value in releasing tools outside of major platform releases like that then holding them back and putting them up only for specific release after TAC training and the like. If sites are really nervous, then I encourage them not to use anything marked not TAC supported.

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