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CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor error

Hi all,

I've got an issue with a Unity server (7.0(2)). The system seems to be in offline mode and all messages are being sent to unity MTA. i have found the following in event viewer:

ID: 1017
Source: CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor
Message: The Partner Exchange Server is offline during ExchangeMonitor Startup. All message notification processing is disabled until this has been resolved. When the Exchange Monitor detects that this server is back online, registration for notifications will proceed.

The Partner Exchange Server is offline during ExchangeMonitor Startup. All message notification processing is disabled until this has been resolved. When the Exchange Monitor detects that this server is back online, registration for notifications will proceed.

I can ping the server by name from the unity server however. Are there any other tools that i can use to test communication between the two?

also any suggestions on what could be causing this issue? there have been no changes made to either servers as far as i am aware.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor error

Something to add...

Users are getting the 'server is offline' message when accessing voicemails. They ARE getting new voicemails however. There are a few messages from yesterday and today still in the 'unityMTA' folder.

Re: CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor error

If this is a one time occurrence, then I would suggest one of the following as an initial course of action:

1) Restart the Unity Services via the System Tray Icon

2) Reboot the Unity server

If this is a one time occurrence, it can be a challenge to determine exactly when/where an issue came about.  So, that's why I recommend doing one (or both if restarting Unity services doesn't work) of the task noted above.  It's possible there was just a blip in communication and things haven't corrected themselves properly.  If you can do one of the two things above and resolve the issue, then you will just want to monitor for if this happens again or begins to occur frequently.  Obviously, restarting Unity or rebooting the server shouldn't be your course of action for every issue.

Out of curiosity, are you using EMS at all?  EMS is the Event Monitoring System.  It can be used to monitor events and notify via syslog, email, etc.  A common usage is to set up notification for failover events in a Unity w/Failover configuration.  If you use EMS for syslog notifications, you should check out the details on this bug CSCsz22553.  I ran into this on two different systems almost simultaneously.  Initial troubleshooting of the issue was quite tricky; however, one of the many symptoms experienced was that Unity would "think" the Message Store (and other AD/systems) were offline when they were not.

CSCsz22553 - EMS with syslog recipient consumes UDP ports

Unity, Event Monitoring Service (EMS) consumes UDP ports.

An EMS Monitored Event can be configured to send notifications to a Recipient
which includes a syslog server. Notifications to the syslog server will use a
UDP port. EMS does not release this UDP port. Eventually EMS will consume all
UDP ports available on the server. Services, such as DNS, will fail when no
UDP ports are available for outbound connections.

Symptoms include errors connecting to email, kerberos, domain controller, or
global catalog servers. Anything dependent on UDP network connections.

Stopping the CsEmsSvc service will free the UDP ports. Rebooting the server
will also free the UDP ports and get things working for a period of time.

This problem may be seen in EMS v1.3.09 and earlier.
This issue is fixed in EMS v1.3.10 and later.

Upgrade to a version of EMS that has the fix for this issue.
Do not use syslog for notification, configure EMS to notify through one of the other delivery options; such as SMTP, SNMP, etc.

Further Problem Description:
You can see UDP port consumption by doing the following.

1. Find PID for CsEmsSvc.exe.

To do this open Windows Task Manager, click View menu, Select Columns...,
check the PID (Process Identifier) box.

Find CsEmsSvc.exe in the processes tab and note the PID it is using.

2. Use Netstat.exe to see UDP ports used by EMS PID.

I found it easiest to direct the netstat output to a file for review, so the
following command is useful.

netstat -ano > somefile.txt.


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Re: CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor error

Hi david,

Yet again, thanks for looking at this and taking the time to reply.

I did both your suggestions as a first step yesterday but sadly the issue was not resolved and is still not resolved.

I do not believe this site is using EMS but i will definately look into this later. My concern now is with getting it working. Do you have any other  follow-up suggestions?

Thanks again

Re: CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor error

No problem.  I do have some additional suggestions but before going down that path, I would do the following:

1) Rerun the Permissions Wizard - you can run in Report Mode (no actions taken, just verification tasks).  You need to logon to Unity with Domain Admin privileges to run this tool.  This will allow you to verify whether or not changes have taken place (unknown to you) that have affected the Unity service account permissions and/or the Unity system user & mailbox accounts created during installation.

2) Work with the AD/Exchange folks to see if there have been any recent changes to the Exchange environment.  For example, recent service pack installation, storage group maintenance, upgrades, etc.  The answer may well be "No" but given the nature of Unity and it's integration into that environment, it's due diligence for you to investigate all sides.

3) What version(s) of Exchange are you running?  If you run GUSI (Gather Unity System Info) and scroll down the initial application window, do you see the correct Exchange version and Partner Server listed there?


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Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoUnity_ExchangeMonitor error

Unity uses RPC to determine if the Exchange server is on or offline.

You can use RPCTest to verify that Unity can access the Exchange Server.

\CommServer\Utilities\Customer Support Tools\RPCTest:

   1. From a command line, run RpcTest.exe –t


C:\RPCTest.exe –s EXCHANGE1 –t 5

If Online is reported this is not the issue. If Offline is reported you will need to investigate the cause.
Things such a Windows Firewall or other firewalls or some virus scan tools can lead to issue.

If above is not issue you can consider the below:

Recently we have attempted to make Unity more accurate in determining the status of Exchange Mailstores. This included update to the AvWM process which determines this.

If you continue to have problem I might suggest the following:

If the Unity systems encounter some kind AvWmEx issue (everything from MWI resync issues to conversation failsafe instead of UMR), you should first try the followings:

    1. Upgrade to the latest ES.
    2. Change the "Startup Type" of AvMMProxySvr from "Automatic" to "Manual".
    3. Make sure that "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\AvWM\1.00\Check Level" is set to 0xF0.
    4. Reboot.

The latest ES can be downloaded from from the Software Download area:

Voice and Unified Communications > Cisco Unity Version 7.0 > Unity System Software



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