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Attention: The Cisco Support Community site will be in read only mode on Dec14, 2017 from 12:01am PST to 11:30am for standard maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cisco Employee

* site update *

Several site updates preparing for the upcoming release of Unity 5.0(1) and Unity Connection 2.0(1) in the coming weeks.

NOTE: Nearly all tools that work with 4.x versions of Unity will also work with 5.0(1). Where that is not the case (as with Permissions Wizard below) it will be noted on the tools page and a link to the updated version necessary for 5.x will be provided.

NOTE: Unity Connection 2.x is a new Linux based platform for the Unity product line and it is not open for direct file or port access that accommodates tools in the same way as the Windows based platforms. As such the CUC 2.x tools will be far more limited than other Unity/Connection versions. Some tools that will only work with special internal or debug versions of Connection will be provided on the page but will not work with production installations of Connection 2.x. Please review the details on the tools home pages.

Added new CUC 2.x tools page:

Added the Remote Port Status Monitor on the CUC 2.x tools page:

Added the CUC 1.x to 2.x Migration Export tool on the CUC 2.x tools page:

Updated DiRT backup and restore on the CUC 1.x tools page:

Added new Permissions Wizard specific to Unity 5.0(1):

Updated dbWalker on the 4.x/5.x tools page.

Updated DiRT backup on the 4.x/5.x tools page.

Every tool?s help file is available as a link off their home pages. At the bottom of all help files is a revision history section that will have a brief description of the changes made for reach released version.

The site also supports RSS updates for adds/changes. See the Links page for more details:


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