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** CiscoUnityTools updates **

** Updated All COBRAS tools on the COBRAS page:

-This is a very large update of all 5 of the COBRAS tools that's been weeks in the making now. This includes full support for Domino exports (including public distribution list membership and voice messages), interview handlers, additional subscriber and call handler data, automatic WAV file codec translation for Connection 7.0 imports on the fly as well as many, many fixes after some proper QA testing of numerous configuration scenarios over the last month or so.

These versions of import will NOT work with older exports at all. It is _highly_ recommended that you get new exports with the newer versions before you do anything. If you simply must have an older import version to work with an older export you have, contact me directly for an archived version.


1. Exports from Unity 7.0 that are importing into Connection 7.0 will not preserve the phone passwords. The two products used different SHA1 salt strategies that are not compatible. Connection 7.1 will remedy this and support both salt strategies but until then COBRAS (or any other migration tool) will not be able to preserve phone passwords for this migration path.

2. Sites using Connection 1.2 with the GSM 6.10 audio codec will not be able to import messages into Connection 7.0 yet. Unity exports of any version with GSM will work fine. I plan to update the import early next week to address this.

** Updated Gather Unity System Information (GUSI) tool on the Unity 4.x/5.x/7.x tools pages:

** What's next:

I plan to do updated training videos for COBRAS - the set of updates above is significant and there is much new material that needs to be covered and I'd like to take a somewhat different approach to explaining how it works after the early beta exposure it's gotten thus far. Hopefully I'll post some new Flash videos with menu break downs (i.e. so you can skip to the chunk of the video you're interested in easily) by the end of next week.

Audio Text Manager continues to progress - I posted a video for the beta testers last week, feedback was good. Much work to be done here and COBRAS presented a number of unforeseen challenges with message migrations in different audio codecs and Domino extraction issues were numerous. As such I'm a bit behind on the ATM work. It's necessarily lower priority than COBRAS effort at this point.

I've had numerous questions about when COBRAS export for Connection 7.0 will be here - currently I'm targeting end of Jan 2009 but its public release date will depend on getting QA resources lined up for it which are tight during project cycles. I'll try and keep folks updated with as accurate an arrival date as I can. Yes, I will be looking for beta testers who are willing to kick the tires in a lab setting earlier than that.

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