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Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

Hi -

I've just started to look at a few online resources for Citrix? Voice Office suite of applications and the application called Visual Voicemail, which is reported to "interface with Cisco Unity regular voicemail or unified messaging through IMAP." See post here -

A large subset of our County employees in Human Assistance use Citrix and get their Outlook email from the Citrix server. There is MINIMAL software installed on the user's workstation and heavily controlled via Group Policy. Users do not have PC speakers and Windows Media Player is also restricted because it caused bandwidth issues. I can post later the actual versions on Presentation Manager once I confirm with the Citrix support folks. They are not yet using IP Phones, but are in the budgetary process now. Our standard service delivery is to deploy Unity unified messaging concurrent with the IP phone implementation, using the ViewMail for Outlook client. We do not have any voicemail only implementations. I have read all of the recent forum posts about what users have done with ViewMail and their own Citrix installations/unique challenges. I am also familiar with Cisco's FAQ about ViewMail support and Citrix. Now that Cisco and Citrix are collaborating -

I was wondering if this would alter the direction of support with ViewMail for Outlook and Citrix client? Or how the Visual Voicemail actually works with Unity? Does Unity require IMAP license? Lastly, we have a development Citrix server we can test with, so I will definitely test ViewMail just to see what the user experience would be like. I would also consider NOT using ViewMail for these customers and have them just use the TUI for access to voicemail as they do with Octel voicemail today. Thanks very much to all who respond :-)



Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

I have it running here and it's great!

Citrix bought a company that made the appliance. It's actually a 1U box that you mount and place on the network. It's best feature is the Express Directory i think. The Visual Voicemail lets you log into your IP phone and view your voicemails on the LCD of a 79xx phone.

Basically here is what happens.

Hit Services

Select Visual Voice Office

Select Visual Voice Mail

Login screen comes up.

Enter your Unity mailbox number

Enter Password. (TUI Password)

The Citrix goes out and fetches the voicemails from the Exchange server via OWA login. That's it. It does not use any IMAP or custom hooks into Unity, etc.

It does have some interface into Unity, but it just needs permission to get to the SQL database on Unity. (read access) I forgot which account it uses off the top of my head.

It's a pretty slick box and I highly recommend calling one of the sales guys up.. they have a pretty good demo to show.

ViewMail is more of an app that gets loaded on a Windows Desktop. Where as the Citrix Gateway box gives IP phone users the ability to "view" their voicemail on the LCD of the IP Phone. (avaya or Cisco)

I know, I think of Citrix and I think of thin client. I have done many Citrix clusters over the years and was confused when I saw this product. But I saw it at voicecon last fall and it solved my Directory issues in a snap. Syncs all my remote directories into one (LDAP) into one place so my IP phones have the most current numbers in the directory. I have dumped the Cisco built in directory completely and go with this.

Hope this helps.

Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

Citrix FARMS... not clusters.... jez..... I'm losing it!

Cisco Employee

Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

As far as I know there isn't any official plans to test and support this configuration - but I could be just out of the loop from that end of it. This will take QA and TAC cycles to test/doc/support so it'll have to be something the product folks feel is worth the investment.

seems like it would be - but I'm just an engineer.

As ever, make sure you ping your account team to make some noise with the right folks.

Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

I had heard at one point, that the Citrix Gateway is going to become a Cisco part number..... but I have not heard anything in a couple months.

Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

Hey Tommer and Jeff -

Your replies and updates very much appreciated!

Sincerely, Ginger

New Member

Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

I have heard the same. I am deploying VoiceView for Unity express which is a similar service to this Citrix vmail interface. I want this citrix gateway application but there is no type of demo available for onsight demo. I understand the features but for management to understand how it functions in the real world, a 5 license installable demo would be nice. I tried contacting citrix sales specifically about this product but no luck. Will this be a Cisco product? Will this be integrated into CallManager? Am I wasting my time trying to find a Citrix sales contact?

Re: Citrix Voice Office Suite - interface to Unity via IMAP

The story goes with Citrix is that they aquired a company that had this product. Cisco was already working with the prior company. Probably what is happening is that Citrix is not quite organized still. But get a hold of this guy at Citrix and he should be able to help. There really is no demo per say you can do onsite. Citrix can come out and install the box for x amount of days for testing. We did that and bought the box. I actually knew it would work before hand, but had to have management "feel" it on the phones.

Tim Davis - Associate Account Manager

Citrix Gateways

2740 Zanker Road, Suite 201 San Jose, CA 95134 USA

Tel: +1 408-678-3360

The Citrix box, it's biggest benifit is the Express Directory I think. The visual voicemail is nice, but in a cubical, nobody uses it or they are just not "techy" enough. So you get Visual voicemail, Express Directory, and Broadcasting Server or "Alerts". It's nice to be able to send out Alerts to the IP Phones like "Exchange outage" or "remember your timecards today" etc. Where as with the Cisco Developer server you have to install and then know XML and blah blah... no good for me. This dropped in and I was done.