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Clarification on CUCM upgrade to 8.6.2 on UCS from MCS server


Need clarification on the process of installing licenses homed on the active/current server to the new UCS server. Currently we have CUCM 7.1.5 on MCS server. We will be upgrading CUCM to ver8.6.2 along with upgrading the hardware to UCS C210 M2. We will doing the upgrade on the bridging server.

Process we are following is listed below;

  • 1. Perform manual DRS backup on the live/active MCS server
  • 2. Install CUCM ver7.1.5 on the bridging server (also MCS)
  • 3. DRS restore on the bridging server
  • 4. Bridge upgrade to CUCM ver8.6.2
  • 5. DRS backup of the new CUCM ver8.6.2
  • 6. DRS restore on the new CUCM 8.6.2 install on the UCS server
  • 7. Re-host the licenses (DLU/UCL) on CUCM ver8.6.2

My question here is would we need to apply the licenses on the bridging server prior to upgrade to 8.6.2 ? between steps 3 & 4? Or apply it on the UCS server after DRS restore has been done. Or the steps outlined are correct to proceed. However, what I understand is that licensing team combines all the licenses applied on the old active server and provide it over to us; licensing team also needs the MAC address of the new server as well but if we were to apply the licenses between steps 3 & 4 then probably it would error out.

Please advise.

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Clarification on CUCM upgrade to 8.6.2 on UCS from MCS server

No, you can upgrade all the way to 8.6 and then once you've restored on UCS, ask licensing to rehost using the license MAC.



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Re: Clarification on CUCM upgrade to 8.6.2 on UCS from MCS serve

We have a pub and a sub in our environment. I have also read some posts that say you would need to bridge upgrade the SUB on the bridging server as when you are doing the PUB restore it looks for that entry.

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