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Class of Service using default with many sites?

Customer is installing 200+ sites with Unity Voice Messaging. They built the first two sites and realized they didn't use a Class of Service (everyone is in the default class, the directory handler is tied to a public distribution list that's members show up in dial by name), what issues and where is it referenced that best practice is to put everyone in a class?

Cisco Employee

Re: Class of Service using default with many sites?

I'm not really sure what you're asking - clearly having everyone in one class of service is not desirable since you don't have any distinction between levels of access to the system for admins vs. users and such. COS is also used for licensing purposes so if you have features (i.e. TTS) that have limited seats you need to use seperate COSes to divvy those up.

Beyond that I'm not sure what to say on this topic - if you have something more specific you're wondering about, we can try and help...

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