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Clic2call & Trend OfficeScan


I'm using OfficeScan on my PC and since I have installed click2call, word and Excel are very slow, particularly when I use up or down arrow to scroll cells or text. No problem on other software (notepad, lotus, IE, ...)

I've tried to stop real-time scan service and this does not happen any more !

More over, I have to uninstall Click-to-call to make my word or my Excel to work again normally (stop clic2call is not enough).

Does anyone have the same behavior ?

Is there some configuration to make on the Officescan client ? or something on the Click2call (windows register to disable C2C with no real selection, or activate C2C only when 2 or more chars are selected) ?

Even if I guess I will have to open a case, I think it could be more efficient on the TAC side if others have the same problem...

thanks in advance for replies



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Re: Clic2call & Trend OfficeScan


Yes, we have the same problem. Have you found a solution for this?

Thanks, Andreas

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Re: Clic2call & Trend OfficeScan

Hi Andreas,

I have opened a TAC case.

It seems that real time scan of a security (AV/FW/others) products are checking "system.exe" process and the C2C application use this service. Each time you type a character in word or each time you change cell ine Excel, the C2C app check the next character or which value the cell contain to build the right clic menu using access to system process ...

I had the same issue with Vista/Symantec. But no problem with McAfee (no default real time scan or configured as well)

Cisco has developped for a very large customer a new version of C2C to use the Word/Excel.exe instead of System.exe. It's a little better but not yet perfect.

Because I move to another Cisco reseller, I've not followed the end of this case and I don't know if it has been really relsolved. The version which had the pb is 7.0.12. Is there any new version available on the CCO ? It's perhaps corrected.



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Re: Clic2call & Trend OfficeScan

Hi Nicolas

Thank you for your information. No, I haven't found a newer version than 7.0.12. I'm gonna ask our reseller.

Regards, Andreas

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