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Click to Call + Dialing

We are attempting to get Click 2 Call working within our company. Currently we have 7 digit extensions.

Each entry in the Address Book in Outlook contains a +XXXXXXXXXX. Our intention was that with Application Dialing rules we could use the + to mark internal calls and have it strip the area code for an internal call.

From what I can tell, Click 2 Call treats all + calls as International based on the Parameters configured in the actual application.

Is there a way to Get  it to ignore the + for International and recognize the + in the application dialing rule, or is there a better way to do this?

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Re: Click to Call + Dialing

The client-side dialing rules are only intended for environments that do not configure UCM ADRs.

If your system administrator does not configure the dialing rules, you can set them up to make it easier to call international numbers. 

Click to Call will respect UCM ADRs but it requires a service parameter change if memory serves. You will find a "Apply Application Dial Rules on SOAP Dial Request" parameter on the Cisco WebDialer Web Service; set it to True.

After that you can setup the ADRs to strip the first four digits (+XXX) for the appropriate internal number ranges.


Re: Click to Call + Dialing

Did you ever get this to work? I am hitting what I think is a very similar issue. I am running CallManager 7.1.3 and C2C 8.0.2561. All my Microsoft Outlook contacts have E.164 phone numbers (+1 plus 10 digits), but when I try to dial them I get a C2C pop-up window that says "You must enter an international dialing code to make this call."

I know my Application Dial Rules are set correctly and my "Apply Application Dial Rules on SOAP Dial Request" Service Parameter is set to True - if I highlight a number such as 617-555-1212 in Word or a Web browser my ADR's add the 9-1 automatically and the call completes correctly. It seems as if whenever C2C sees the "+" symbol it then requires the Dialing Rules tab on the client application to be populated, which is exactly what we don't want - we'd rather let the ADR's do the digit manipulation, so we don't have to touch every PC.

The ironic thing is we didn't have the numbers in E.164 format previously (and I believe it would have worked then), but we had to move to E.164 to get CUCIMOC to work!

Any inights appreciated!

Thanks - Rob.

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Re: Click to Call + Dialing

We are having the same problem with Outlook 2007 contacts. The dialing rules are working correctly from IE and Firefox, but the +1 is using the international rule built into C2C 8.0. Any thoughts?



Re: Click to Call + Dialing

Its been a while since I worked on this, but I'm fairly sure I finally did get this working.

Look at the Registry keys on the PC - there is one there that controls whether C2C will require an international dialing prefix or not. I don't remember off-hand which one it was, but if you browse the registry keys it was named reasonably close to what it did, so I think you should be able to find it. As far as I could tell it wasn't configurable via the C2C user or admin programs, only settable via a registry modification. I believe our final implementation had these set based on the user group the user was assigned to in A.D. - this would get configured automatically.

Hope this helps -


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