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Click-to-Call from Outlook contacts with E.164 numbers

All the phone numbers in my MS Outlook contacts are stored in E.164 format with a "+" at the beginning of the number. We have pushed our users to use this format as it makes calling from a Blackberry very simple regardless of where you are travelling to.

Cisco Click to Call has problems with this however (or maybe i haven't setup the dial rules correctly). I have tried the following settings (I am in the US):

"9" for outside line

"011" for international

If I then try to call +1 (212) 555-1212 click to call with try to dial 901112125551212, which obviously fails.

"9" for outside line

"-" for international

Click to call pops up a dialog box saying "+1 (212) 555-1212 cannot be converted to a valid phone number".

Is there a way to get this to work? I am running C2C and Call Manager


Re: Click-to-Call from Outlook contacts with E.164 numbers

You need to create an Application Dialing Rule. In CUCM 5.x, it will ignore the + anyways.. so you need to create a dial rule.

11 digits

starts with 1

prepend with 9

strip 0

For for international, may have to play with it, or if you want a good reference to dial rules, check this link out:

half way down is a great table of dial rules for Application Dial Rules.

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