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New Member

CME 3.3, CUE 2.1.1 and Sip Registrar


Posted this on the IP Tel forum, but noone is taking it on... maybe better luck here?

I'm having a problem with SIP Registrar and ephone dn. When I configure the sip-ua to registrar with an external sip server, ALL of my CME configured ephone dn's also try to regiser with the external sip server. The impact of this is that while the sip-ua registrar works, it has the effect of breaking my CUE voicemail. When one of my local 79XX ephone dn attached phones tries to call into voicemail, CUE picks up and then immediately disconnects. The SIP message debug of this event shows that CUE considers the ephone dn to be coming from the "wrong address," which is correct because it's INVITE presents itself to CUE as coming from "

I've tried to prevent the ephone dn's from regitering with the external sip server by the use of the "no-reg both" command, but this is evidently used only for preventing ephones from h.323 gatekeep registration.

If anyone can share a fix for this problem and/or need more detail, please let me know and I'll post any configurations and/or debugs.


Cisco Employee

Re: CME 3.3, CUE 2.1.1 and Sip Registrar

I don't even know that this is supported, but could you post your IOS version and config so we can take a look?

New Member

Re: CME 3.3, CUE 2.1.1 and Sip Registrar

As I said, it works flawlessly except that enabling sip registrar causes two majoe problems... 1) tries to register every ephone dn configured on router causing sip provide to shutdown my account 2) breaks CUE voicemail access from all local DN accounts. One would think that the IOS would have a feature to allow you to control which DNs are registered with the exteral sip server, but I haven't found it yet - the "no-reg" does not work with sip - - thanks for taking a look.

Here you are: (note: had to add attachment and trim some non-essentials to be able to post the config - size restriction 8-(


Write terminal - see attachment


version 12.4

New Member

Re: CME 3.3, CUE 2.1.1 and Sip Registrar

No takers on this problem? No sip experts on this forum? The bottom line question is that given the present IOS (12.4.x) sip tool set, how do you selectively allow only specific dn's to registrar with an external sip proxy or server?


New Member

Re: CME 3.3, CUE 2.1.1 and Sip Registrar


i am assuming that the you wanted to send all the 1T calls to

you should not have to register to a sip server when sending a 1T calls to a provider, if you have a static public IP they should just authenticate using that or your ANI, there are couple of ways for them to authenticate your calls; call their NOC and explain this to them; i've seen this issues with asterisk, AYC and Epygi PBX's; they resolve the issues by authentication your MAC ID of your originating proxy or your Public IP address.

you can try to use other provider...... if Broadvoice is not capable of doing this authentication.

try to go search on google " VoIP terminations " there are wholebunch of vendors who are even cheaper than broadvoice..

If you wish you can try our US and A-Z termination.

you can send me an email or leave your answer here and i would be glad to do some testing with you.

New Member

Re: CME 3.3, CUE 2.1.1 and Sip Registrar

Thanks for the response...

Yes, you are correct, send the 1T calls to I also use Asterisks and it works flawlessly with broadvoice and just about any other sip service provider. They actually use my ANI to authenticate me now - coupled with the hased password. I can give them a call and see if they will use other means for authentication, but I have my doubts they'll honor the request. As for other providers being cheaper that Broadvoice, I challenge you to find another that provides unlimited world-wide calling for $24/month - if there's one out there, I'd sure like to know about it.

I still beleive that some IOS tweking by the coders at Cisco labs can solver this problem. It seems there is something basically wrong with a sip-ua registrar that tries to register every configured directory number on the router.