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CME and CUE 7.1

Unity Express 7.1 - After a caller leaves a message in Unity Express voice message box, they here "wait while I transfer the call" and it gets transfered to the operator, because I configured the operator ext as zero out option under each mailbox. How do I get Unity Express to say Goodbye after a message is left in a mail box.

CME 7.1 - When callers call the company main number and switchboard answers, then transfer the caller to an employee. The employee sees the switchboard extension, instead of the original calling number. I have a SIP trunk to the Telco. What configuration do I have to perform on CME 7.1 to keep the integrity of the original calling number? And If I need the SIP Telco to make a configuration change on their side for this to happen, what should I be telling them to configure on their SIP device?



Re: CME and CUE 7.1

1. The voicemail prompts and greetings are non configurable.

2. Try:


calling-number originator


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Re: CME and CUE 7.1

1. Well that is a major problem, because the receptionists transfer the call to the employee and the caller leaves a message, gets immediately transfered back to Operator. So Operator is complaining that the calls keep coming back.

If there was a 10 - 15sec delay after a message was left, that would even be acceptable. But the caller gets transfered immediately. This cannot be right, there must be something Cisco can do about that.

Any other ideas?

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Re: CME and CUE 7.1

Hi Paul,

Here is a clip from CUE guru Markus from Cisco Systems;

"if you don't have a voicemail operator extension configured ("no voicemail operator telephone" from config mode in the CLI), then it will just say 'goodbye' and hang up (you can still configure zero-out extensions for individual mailboxes if you like)."

From this thread;

I think the screenshots in this doc should help;

Unity Express Voice Mail Transfer Behavior

Hope this helps!


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