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CME - Busy lamp field for a phone rather than a line


I need a config on CME that will provide a busy lamp field if any line on a phone is busy on a multi-line phone i.e. the phone is busy.

The customer is using 7931 phones and uses the first 8 line buttons. The first for their DDI and another 7 or so for shared DDI lines.

They want to use the remaining buttons as BLF. The problem is I can only configure a BLF to monitor another line rather than for the phone itself. I have come across other PBX's which can do this.

Does anyone have an idea how this requirement could be achieved?




Re: CME - Busy lamp field for a phone rather than a line

I think as of now Busy lamp is based on the phone only. To enable Busy Lamp Field (BLF) monitoring for a speed-dial number on a phone registered to Cisco Unified CME, use the blf-speed-dial command in ephone or voice register pool configuration mode. To disable BLF monitoring for speed-dial, use the no form of this command.

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Re: CME - Busy lamp field for a phone rather than a line

I logged a Cisco TAC Case, details below.

Problem Description:


You would like to configure the BLF in such a way that it is on when any line on the watched SCCP phone is busy - i.e. when the phone itself is busy.

Action plan:


If the problem description is correct, you can configure this behaviour using 'w' separator in the button assignment. For example, in this


Ephone 1

button 1:3 2:4

Ephone 2

button 1w3

The button 1 on ephone 2 will indicate 'busy' if any line on ephone 1 is busy (1w3 means: configure button 1 as BLF for the phone that the primary extension is ephone-dn 3). This feature is available in the CME version you are running.

For further description, please have a look at this link:




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