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CME night service > huntgroup and CUE


I'm trying to implenting a huntgroup on CME with the ability to send the caller directly to VM if out of hours.

Setup as follows:

VM Pilot= 8889

incoming DID for helpdesk = 8733

Helpdesk members are 8735,8736, 8737

All members have their 2nd line setup with overlaid numbers for the hunt pilot, so they see a broadcast rather than sequential calling.

ephone 56

mac-address 001E.4AF2.023E

ephone-template 4

type 7941

auto-line incoming

button 1:56 2o210,211,212,213


ephone-dn 56

number 8735

pickup-group 10

label 8735

call-forward busy 8889

call-forward noan 8889 timeout 15


ephone-hunt 1 sequential

pilot 6000

list 210,211,212,213

final 8889

max-timeout 30

timeout 30,30,30,30

no-reg pilot

description IT-HUNTPILOT



night-service code *1937

night-service day Sun 00:00 23:59

night-service day Mon 17:01 08:29

night-service day Tue 17:01 08:29

night-service day Wed 17:01 08:29

night-service day Thu 17:01 08:29

night-service day Fri 17:01 08:29

night-service day Sat 00:00 23:59


ephone-dn 70

number 8733

pickup-group 10

label ItMain

description IT ServiceDesk

name IT ServiceDesk

call-forward all 6000

call-forward night-service 8889

night-service bell

So caller hits ephone-dn 70 when calling 8733, if in hours goes to 6000, if out of hours goes to VM.

The issue is when calling in hours, the caller goes through to 6000, but if the call is not collected by a member in 30 secs then the call just disconnects, but should go to the final number 8889 (VM pilot)

works fine if I just call 6000, but when calling through ephone-dn 70 to use the night service forwarding the issue occurs.

CME v4.0

CUE v2.3

Any ideas/suggestions ?





Managed to get around the issue using line overlay

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