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CME phones cant reach CUE - Other phones can reach it

I have a 2821 router running IOS c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M8.bin. The router has a CUE module:


NAME: "NM-SE on Slot 1", DESCR: "NM-SE"
PID: NM-CUE            , VID: NA , SN: FOC093220KH

NAME: "20GB IDE Disc Daughter Card on Slot 1 SubSlot 0", DESCR: "20GB IDE Disc Daughter Card"


It is running Unity Express 7.0.6.


I am studying for my CCIE Collaboration, so I have set the phones up as SIP.  The phones register, and can call each other.  I have configured the CUE module, and have the info all set up under the voice pool dn's and voice register global.  I can call my CME from a phone on a different cluster.  The calls do make it to voicemail, and I can leave a message.  However, the actual phones on the CME can not reach the CUE module.  They also dont get their MWI's.


Also, the phones are a 7941 and 7961.  I suspect there is an incompatibility with the SIP integration and this CUE module.  But the commands all take.  So I could be wrong.  Unfortunately all of my experience is with CUCM and Unity Connection.  So I dont have a frame of reference.


Thank you in advance.


To rule out the SIP phone

To rule out the SIP phone compatibility you can configure a CIPC (Cisco IP Communicator) on laptop or desktop and can try to reach cue.

And plz attach show run of cme with debug ccsip message & debug voip ccapi inout  of failed call.


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Bummer, I was just about to

Bummer, I was just about to nod off to go to sleep.  I'll have to shoot this over in the morning.  Thank you Suresh.  You've been super helpful with my silly CME questions.

Its my pleasure, thanks for

Its my pleasure, thanks for nice words.


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Sorry for my ignorance.  I'm

Sorry for my ignorance.  I'm not seeing a way to configure IP Comm as a sip phone.  Under "voice register pool 3", under type, I do not see an IP Communicator option.  Did you want me to use telephony-service and provision this as a SCCP phone for testing?

Yes plz, configure it as sccp

Yes plz, configure it as sccp using telephony-service.


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I havent gotten around to

I havent gotten around to doing this yet, but I do beleive it is an incompatibility.  My router has CME 8.6.  I found the compatibility matrix, and this version of CUE isnt compatible.  Unfortunately I have the highest revision of CUE that this hardware supports.  Looks like I'm gonna have to make the $400 investment and buy an NME-CUE off ebay.

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To add to what I was saying.

To add to what I was saying.  I decided to try downgrading my CME to a compatible version.  So I was in the process of downloading an IOS that has CME 7.0.1 built in.  I went to download the CME support files, and I see that there is no SIP loads.  I think I just need to face the fact that SIP is not support on this version of CUE.

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