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CME to CUCM Hold Issue

I have a small CUCM 6 setup that has one CUCM server. My CUCM server routes calls to a CME 4.1(0) router via h323 gateway configuration.

I can make calls between locations without any issues.

However when calls from the CME phones are placed on hold on by the CUCM phones, the CME phones get a busy signal and the call drops.

This is also affecting call transfers of the CME calls between the CUCM phones.

On the CME phones I can hold and transfer the CUCM calls without any issues.

Has anyone any ideas how to solve this issue?


Re: CME to CUCM Hold Issue

You probably need an MTP on CUCM for the H323 gateway definition. If you click 'MTP Required' and add an MTP in the MRGL of the CME H323 gateway page in CUCM, this should solve the problem.



Community Member

Re: CME to CUCM Hold Issue

Thanks for the reply Nick. The gateway configuration now requires an MTP. The MRGL I have selected includes the software MTP included in CUCM. I have reset the h323 gateway.

However when the CUCM phones now press the hold or transfrer buttons, nothing happens at all. The call just continues as normal.

Re: CME to CUCM Hold Issue

If your IP phones need an MTP and they're using G.729 the software MTP in CUCM won't do this. That's a possible cause, but from speculation I can't say what the problem may be with that.


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