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Cobras import - MWI and reports fail

Moving from 4.1.1 with 2003 to 7.0.2 with 2007. I can import from exchange with no issues. When I import from Cobras everything works except MWI and I can not see subscribers in the reports. I imported from exchanged, confirmed everything worked correctly and then over wrote the subsciber with Cobras. After over writing the issue stated again.

Voicemail functions correctly from the phone and outlook.

Any ideas?

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Re: Cobras import - MWI and reports fail

not a lot to suggest based on the information here - if you have a user that's working and then you overwrite that user with COBRAS backup and the MWI no longer works then it should be pretty easy to track down looking at the MWI data before and after - but beyond that can't really speculate what's going on without more info.

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Re: Cobras import - MWI and reports fail

Its not just the MWI that stops working. If I run a subscriber report I can not see the subscriber after a COBRAS import. When looking at the messages page for the subscriber the notification shows "off" even though there is a new message there. As far as the subscribers AD and mailbox nothing is changing.

I get no errors on the COBRAS import and nothing appears in the event log. Messages are delivered properly.

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Re: Cobras import - MWI and reports fail

again - not much for me to go on here... no idea on the reports, but MWI's could be an issue where the notifier isn't picking up the updated MWI info - if you bounce the notifier service (or restart Unity entirely for that matter) do the

MWI devices get picked up and start working? COBRAS only updates the MWI top level details -nothing tricky - if the device isn't being updated the notifier must not be monintoring it.

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