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COBRAS user move Globalsubscribertable(GST)

Hi, we have 3 digitally networked failover server pairs. We are using COBRAS to move users from A to B - once we have deleted users from server A we cannot cretae as the Globalsubscribertable still has an entry with the same alias in there - everything else seems to remove the entry i.e. nothing left in AD or Exchange . we eventually end up manually removing from the GST. This is not really practicle with large number of users being moved around. Any suggestions?

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Re: COBRAS user move Globalsubscribertable(GST)

Sounds like the user property deletion is not being picked up yet by the target Unity server - this can take some time. It should get a notice that the CiscoUnityxxx properties have been removed from a user in AD and remove them from the global subscriber table. How long did you wait before checking?

Normally if you want to do this in anything like real time you'd use GSM to move users between systems and follow up with a COBRAS import over those users to get additional data. GSM takes care of deleting the old user, forcing cleanup on both machines and creating the top level user on the target box.

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Re: COBRAS user move Globalsubscribertable(GST)

Mr Lindborg, thanks for your reply. Is there any way of bulk selecting users in GSM (point it towards a CSV for example) to select 50 users at a time?

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