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Collecting specific user/data fields in Unity

I need to look at the values for all users for the following 4 fields. Can someone tell me what the column value in the Subscriber Table in CUDLE is for the following so I can export accordingly?

Conversation - Menu Style (UseBriefPrompts?)

Converstation - Speed (PromptSpeed?)

Converstation - Message Addressing - (??not sure which column this is)

Identify a subscriber by:

Conversation - After logging on, play the subscribers name: (??not sure which column this is - GreetByName??)

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Collecting specific user/data fields in Unity

All these can be found in CUDLE using the data dictionary info built into it ? pull up the vw_Subscriber view and as you select columns in the Column list, the Column Info tab on the right will have details about what it means.

Brief prompts is ?UseBriefPrompts? ? 0 means full prompts, 1 means brief

Speed is ?Speed? ? the explanation in the column info field talks about how it goes from 0 to 200 where 100 is normal speed.

Message Addressing is ?AddressingMode? ? the column info field indicates 0 is spell by last name then first, 1 is address by extension and 2 is spell by first name then last.

GreetByName is the field you want.

Again, spend some time going through all the columns and looking at what the data dictionary has defined for them ? everything you need should be there.

Community Member

Re: Collecting specific user/data fields in Unity

thanks very much for your feedback, very helpful. i will review the data dictionary, I have used it before for an explanation for the table info..cant believe I missed that - thanks for pointing this out.

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