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Compare Primary and Secondary DB and Greetings

Is there a tool that exists that I can use to compare the primary to secondary unity and vice versa?

It would be very handy to know that the replication is working 100% before you fail a server over from primary to secondary and back. It would also be handy to be able to test the health of primary/secondary replication.

The Failover wizard doesn't seem to have any options for this and none of the other diagnostic tools can tell if the primary and secondary are identical.

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Re: Compare Primary and Secondary DB and Greetings

Well, the failover service will issue errors if the file replication, registry value replication or SQL replication fail at any point in the refresh process for whatever reason (loss of connection, rights issue, full drive...). But there isn't an independant tool that will issue a minority report of sorts to verify the current "mirror status" between failover systems. I can see that being a handy verification item but it's actually a bit more complicated to implement than it sounds - it'd be a pretty sizable project to implement and maintain.


Re: Compare Primary and Secondary DB and Greetings

thanks jeff. I look forward to the tool, hehe :)

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