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Config Files for Back Up

We are trialing a product that will pull or just store the back up files for many types of equipment including the unity. I have been asked to identify the file names and size for the config that would be important for this tool to keep track of. Any ideas where to look, or what they are? thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Config Files for Back Up

well, there's aren't just a set of simple config files to backup - the vast majority of the data for Unity is stored in SQL database tables, some info is also in the registry and then you have a few switch config files on the HD - so if you want to backup Unity information you'll need to get it all for it to be any good for a restore if that's what you're fishing for.

You may look at using DiRT to do a local backup of all the Unity related items (skipping messages presumably) and then back that up to whatever location you're storing to (off box HD, tape, whatever) - youc an read more about DiRT on its home page here:

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