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Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

How do you configure a 7921 phone? When I go into Settings, some fesatures come up as locked. I see the phon in CM and it has a number assigned, however it is not registering with CM nor getting an IP assignment?

I tries to set up the wireless SSID on the phone but it comes up locked?

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Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Hi Joe,

**# on the keypad unlocks the Menu setting

Accessing Network and Phone Settings

You can view and change many network configuration options and phone settings for the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G by using the Settings menu.


Note You can control whether a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G has access to the Settings menu from the Cisco Unified CallManager Administration Phone Configuration page. Use the Settings Access field in the Product Specific Configuration section of the phone configuration page.

To access the Settings menu, follow these steps:



Step 1 Press on the Navigation button for (Settings).

Step 2 Use these menu options to view or change settings:

Phone Settings

Network Profiles

Security Configuration

USB Configuration


Note: These options are configurable; other options are display only.


Step 3 To select the item that you want to configure or view, do one of these actions:

Use the Navigation button to scroll to the item and then press the Select button.

Use the keypad to enter the number that corresponds to the item.

Step 4 **If a menu option is locked , you must press ** # on the keypad.



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Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

OK, so I set up the SSID and applied user name and password, but still not hitting the network, any thoughts?


Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Check your radio settings.

You may have the wrong radio enabled (or disabled).


Ven Taylor
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Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Where are radio setings, don't see them in any menu?


Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Go to Network Profiles / WLAN Configuration


Ven Taylor

Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

anyway to configure the cert through the USB?  I have about 100 wireless phones id rather not surf to and select, download, etc.



Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

If your phones are non-production, you can use the Bulk Deployment Utility.  It's found on the cisco website.

File is called 7921BD.exe

General Process

Setup a small lab using the following:

1.    A router capable of dhcp pools and option 150 (I used an 1811)

2.    A small wireless lan controller (or any wlc you can get)

     a.    Ssid cisco open auth no security

3.    A single AP

4.    A PC using TFTP server (tftp directory is the default path of the 7921BD.exe) I used Solar Winds.

I'm sure you could configure a standalone AP instead of using a WLC, but I had one in the lab.

Download & install 7921BD.exe from the Cisco website (requires login)

1.    In the Program Files\Cisco Systems\792xBDU folder, open the userinfo.csv file.

2.    Import all the mac addresses in column 1. Add the username “Admin” and password “Cisco” – and save.

3.    Open the file 7921BD.exe file.

4.    Make your changes to the profiles:

     a.    Navigate to Cisco7921PhoneConfig\ProfileSettings\Profile1

     b.    Change the profile to wifiphone (anything really)

     c.     Apply

     d.    Open WLANSettings

          i.     SSID: Whatever your production voice SSID is

          ii.     WLANMode: Whatever you use for your voice (a, b, g, etc) Look at the phone settings for your choices.

          iii.     Auth mode: whatever your auth is (wep/wpa/etc)

          iv.     WepKey1Length: if using wep, this is your key length

          v.     WepKey1Value: If using wep, add your wep key here.

Configure phones:

           If the phone is pre-configured, perform Factory Reset:

          a.    Choose message, voicemail, then quickly press down.

          b.    choose Settings> Phone settings> Press **2, it will display "start factory reset now"> Select Yes

5.    Grab new phone and insert battery

6.    Power on the device - it connects to the 'cisco' ssid and pulls down and applies config from the file WLAN.xml (if present) or WLANDefault.xml which it pulls from the TFTP server (IP address specified in DHCP Option 150).

7.    Usually the phone reboots itself… If necessary, reboot the phone by powering it off. I only had to do this a couple times.

8.    Phone connects to the production CUCM and pulls down the latest firmware.

9.    At this point, the phones should have a CM phone number and should be able to call other cisco phones on the same CM. They will not be able to call outside of CM until they are properly provisioned on CM.


Ven Taylor

Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

So does this help install a cert for it as well?


Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

I've only done 7925G wireless phones, so I don't know about the cert install.

Try it out with a single phone and see what your results are.


Ven Taylor

Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Well, actually it is for a 7925 phone. ☺

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Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

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Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Then what cert do you mean?  What authentication are you using?

The process I published worked perfectly for me to take a factory phone to live production with no re-configuration of the phone after it registered.

I did use WEP though… No experience using WPA or any other authentication on the 7925's.


Ven Taylor

Re: Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

Its for a private key for authentication on wireless (not cucm) Its basically a cert that gets loaded on the phone.

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Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

OK, so I have the wireless settings configured on the phone, it's getting an IP address, but still can't call out on the phone? The message on the phone says "Not in Service". In CM I see the phone, it has an internal number assigned to it, so is there something I need to change in CM?


Configure 7921 wireless IP Phone

I'm not a "voice guy", just a data guy that got stuck doing the CM, but here's my experience:

I'd check out the calling search space, and the media resource group list on the phone.  (device/phone)

This will at least let you call other cisco phones.

Then you're going to want to check the DN itself.  (while in the phone, click the phone number on the left)

Make sure it's in a route partition and calling search space.

Lastly, make sure your phone, if it's auto-provisioned, has a valid DN that allows you to call out through your pbx or whatever gets you PSTN.


Ven Taylor
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