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Control call on Route address with jtapi


i have a Callmanager and i created a route point(not via jtapi) so that any call goes to this route point gets redirected to a phone outside of callmanager.

I want to place a call(from a phone outside of callmanager) to the Callmanager routepoint and with jtapi to manage this routepoint so that after a while to drop the call.

Can i control the call with jtapi after the call was answered by the phone outside of callmanager.If not ,is there a way that i can do it?

When i add a callobserver to the routepoint i do not get any event about the call.The route point must be created with jtapi so that i can get events?

thank you


Re: Control call on Route address with jtapi

CTI Route Point does not control the call. It is only used to work like a Pilot point. You need to route the call to a CTI Port from the RP and then use the JTAPI 3rd Party software to control the call. Also, this 3rd party JTAPI s/w needs to authenticate with CallManager to do the control.

Are you trying to design a new s/w or using a 3rd party software which uses JTAPI to control the call ??

Re: Control call on Route address with jtapi


I am writing a s/w that controls calls that come from phones outside of Callmanager to a Route point and get Redirected to phones outside Callmanager.

If i route the call to a CTI port (which i have created with callmanager and registered with my jtapi program) do i have to conference the call after i answer it at the CTI port so that i can control the call (by using a callObserver)and drop it after some time?

Is there another way to do it without conferencing the call?

Is it risky for my server and the resources if

i have to handle 5 or more CTI ports.(I am planning to run the program at the server where Callmanager runs)

thank you in advance

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