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Copy files on tftp in CallManager 5.1 in different folder.


I have the following problem. I want to copy g3-tones.xml file from and to tftp server on CallManager 5.1. They are placed in different folders depending on country.

I have tried to transfer the file to external SFTP with the command "file get tftp bulgaria" but every time I get the message "Invalid download directory specified.". I can reach my sftp server with and the directory through another sftp client.

If I can get the file that isn't not enough for me. I also want to change it. I can do it from the web interface but there isn't description how to copy file to specific directory on the tftp server.


Re: Copy files on tftp in CallManager 5.1 in different folder.

start with file list tftp *

It will display all files and directories

then you can move depending your directories

admin:file list tftp united_states/*.xml

7960-tones.xml 7980-tones.xml

AnnBargeTone.xml AnnBusyTone.xml

AnnMonitorWarningTone.xml AnnRecorderTone.xml

AnnReorder.xml AnnRingBack.xml

AnnToneOnHold.xml g3-tones.xml


dir count = 0, file count = 11


admin:file get tftp united_states/g3-tones.xml

Please wait while the system is gathering files info ...done.

Sub-directories were not traversed.

Number of files affected: 1

Total size in Bytes: 1411

Total size in Kbytes: 1.3779297

Would you like to proceed [y/n]?

Just change your directory accordingly

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Re: Copy files on tftp in CallManager 5.1 in different folder.


Thank you for your reply. I have tryed this. I'm using Core FTP mini-sftp-server on my PC. When I add for subdirectory the root of my sftp server the CallManager states the directory is invalid. I have tried with the following signs:






and etc.

When I'm trying to access my sftp server with sftp client it is OK. I can transfer files and there is root folder "/" .

Can you help me in this case.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Copy files on tftp in CallManager 5.1 in different folder.


I just found a way to change the localization tones if they aren't satisfied you. For example the ringback tone in Bulgarian localization have too big pauses between tones (10 secs). So I download the US localization tones g3-tones.xml, 7960-tones.xml and gateway-tones.xml. This is done simple by typing the following in windows cmd:

tftp GET bulgaria\g3-tones.xml

Then you have to delete the localization files from the folder of your localization. You can do it locally or through SSH. The commands are the following:

file delete tftp bulgaria/g3-tones.xml

file delete tftp bulgaria/7960-tones.xml

file delete tftp bulgaria/gateway-tones.xml

Finally you have to upload the files in the the folder of your localization through the web interface. There is tftp file upload menu in OS Administration subsystem.

Be careful and make back-up of your original files.




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