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Coresident deployment of CUOM, CUSM, CUSSM and CUPM

I'm pounding my head again due to the voice wiki's lack of information.

It indicates that you CAN deploy all 4 of these on the same server.  Table 1-2 on the following document lists the requirements:

My issues:

1.  There is no OVA template for the 2000 phone deployment.

2.  There is a note that indicates that each product should be deployed on a separate disk, but the OVA templates only provision a single disk.

Step 1 Install each application along with its databases on a separate drive.

You can install one of the applications on the system drive (C:). However, if you have a sufficient number of drives, we recommend that none of the applications be installed on the system drive.

3.  It says that they recommend that the apps be installed in the following order:

Step 2 Install applications in this order (recommended, not required):

a. Operations Manager (includes Service Monitor)

b. Service Statistics Manager

c. Provisioning Manager (in Advanced mode)

so.....when do you install the Service Manager Component???

The documentation seems to be highly contradictory and incomplete. 

Is there any better information available about setting up corresident deployments in a virtual environment?

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