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New Member

Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

Hi, it's been requested to create a report based on users and their billing id, (located under account for each user). Does anybody know how I can do so?

Thanks to all in advance.

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Cisco Employee

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

There's a couple ways to do this.

In the SA under Subscriber Reports the "subscriber report" includes the BillingID in the output. You can run this report and it'll produce either CSV output or a web formatted output if you prefer.

You can also use the Subscriber Information Dump tool (found in the tools depot) to kick out information about subscribers into a CSV file - the data available for output includes the BillingID.

New Member

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

Excellent, I used your advice and have started running a report. It's in the \\unity-server\status as "report 000005|State running|type Installer etc.

How will I know when that finishes? We [5 admins]login into unity as "unityadmin" How will unity determine who to send the report link to?

Thank you much, I greatly appreciate your help

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Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

Hi Ross,

Maybe the first report shown below (Subscribers Report) is what you are looking for;

Subscribers Report

Use the Subscribers report to get a list of Cisco Unity subscribers. You can generate the report for an individual subscriber or for all Cisco Unity subscribers.

The Subscribers report includes the following information:

First Name, Last Name The name of the subscriber for whom the report was generated.

Note that the distribution list selection option is not supported in this release.

Alias The subscriber alias.

Location The Cisco Unity location.

Domain The Windows domain name assigned to a subscriber.

Billing ID The billing ID of a subscriber.

Class of Service (COS) The class of service assigned to a subscriber.

Extension The primary phone extension assigned to a subscriber.

Alternate extensions are not listed.

Inbox Size The total size, in kilobytes, of all e-mail, voice, and fax messages stored for the subscriber.

Subscriber Message Activity Report

Use the Subscriber Message Activity report to diagnose voice message problems reported by a subscriber (for example, voice messages are not being sent or received, or the message waiting indicator is not being turned on or off properly). You generate this report for an individual subscriber only.

The Subscriber Message Activity report includes the following information:

Date and Time The date and time that the subscriber took action on the message.

Source Either the computer or the phone that generated the message activity.

Action Taken in Response to Message The activity that took place in regards to voice messages (for example, New Message, Message Read, Save, Delete, Mark New, Login, and Logoff).

The actions MWI On Requested and MWI On Completed indicate, respectively, that Cisco Unity sent a request to the phone system to turn on the MWI and received a request-completed confirmation. In cases where the phone system does not provide a confirmation, Cisco Unity assumes the request was successful.

Number of New Messages The number of new voice messages in the subscriber mailbox.

Sender's Name and DTMF The name and extension of the message sender, if known.

Date and Time Message Arrived The date and time that the message arrived in the mailbox.

Dial Out Number The number to which a message notification was sent.

Dial Out Result The result of the outgoing call for the message notification. Possible results include:

Busy The dialed number was busy.

Connected The called party answered the phone.

Failure The call failed.

Port Disabled All ports for outgoing calls were disabled.

Port Unavailable No ports were available for the outgoing call.

RNA (Ring No Answer) The dialed number did not answer.

Release The result is unknown. This typically happens for notifications sent to pagers.

Unknown The result is unknown.

From this 4.0.5 doc;

Hope this helps!


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New Member

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

Hi all, my report executed properly and finished. However, it's still on the server waiting to send to an address. The engineers here did not set up the server for this functionality. Is there anyway to remove the data from the server without having to utilized the send to mail utility?

New Member

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

I've found the work around. The file gets created on the server and saved to \\server\CommServer\Reports. Since SNMP isn't working properly, I'm removing the data manually. thanks all for your contributions. It's the working community who help all of us when we need it most.

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

If you want, create a batch file and schedule process to run every 8 hours to check the "reports" directory and have it copied to a shared location so other admins could access the reports easier. If you have SharePoint or similar, it could be copied to that directory, then auto-posted to the web.

New Member

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

This I think is the best option. My familiararity with batch files is more on the beginner level such as creating auto run discs with a batch to remove a current directory and add the new files on the disc to the local directory. That's about as advanced as my knowledge is. Would you have an example you might be able to share for creating such a batch file? Thanks for the idea. I greatly appreciate it.

Re: Creating/printing reports from Unity 4.0

Open Notepad

in file type:

copy *.* t:\reports

save the file as a .BAT file in the Unity Reports folder

Map a T:\ drive to the reports folder (or wherever you want)

On the Unity Server, use Scheduled Tasks in Windows to kick off this BAT file when you want. every 8 hours, or ??? (you can tell people out in the field, reports will be delivered the next day or x hours)

If have never used a Scheduled Task in Windows, it's pretty easy. Located in the Control Panel, just double click and walk yourself through it