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Cross box login to one server not working Unity 4.05

We have four Unity 4.05 servers in one dialing domain, all have been working for months using one external access number and cross box login. Today, one of the four servers is not answering extneral calls from the main number. When I dial the external access number and try to login with a subscriber on the affected server, I get the message " unable to reach your cisco unity home server....". The event log on the main server indicates that unity connected to the second server but the second unity server does not answer. I have verified the configuration did not change but I also need to mention that the server affected had its partner mailstore server re-configured last evening to a new E2K server. I have confirmed that the unity_servername and Eadmin mailboxes are on the new partner mail server as conifgured as well as the registry settings all point to the new server. This was working after the reconfiguration and tested but thought this was worthy to mention.

I am going to open a TAC ticket but was hoping someone may have dealt with this before. The number the main server dials to reach the second unity server has not changed in the dialing domain section, and internal calls are working fine (its just the external calls). Any suggestions as always appreciated.

I am attaching the port info from the SM on the main server during the call.

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Re: Cross box login to one server not working Unity 4.05

Issue has been resolved - Bug ID CSCee81197

In order to replicate other processes, the # key on the Opening greeting had been locked and set to ignore - suprisingly only one of the four servers displayed the symptom but I guess that is why it is called a bug. Unlocked the # key on the Opening greeting and unity is now anwering on the second server.

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Re: Cross box login to one server not working Unity 4.05

We're having the same issue with our servers (2 different locations, in the same AD and global directory). Cross-server login works in one direction, but not the other. I have changed the opening greeting CH caller input for "#" to be unlocked, but it still doesn't work. Does anyone know if a Unity restart or server reboot is required?




Re: Cross box login to one server not working Unity 4.05


We've documented several different workarounds for CSCee81197. Take a look at the topic called "Locking the # Key to Perform an Action from the Opening Greeting No Longer Works as Expected"

Hope one of those works for you.


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Re: Cross box login to one server not working Unity 4.05

Thank you very much for posting a reply to your own issue once you got it resolved! I created the same issue in my Unity environment the other day and have spent hours trying to figure out what went wrong.

By posting the resolution, you saved me a TAC case and the time to resolve it. Again, thank you very much for posting the resolution for others to see!

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