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CTI route point for VM with wildcards treated by Unity as Direct Xfer

Using CCM 5.04 and Unity 4.2(1) with TSP 8.1(3) we have created a CTI route point with DN *XXXX that forwards all calls to voicemail. All mailboxes are 4 digits. The CTI route point is assigned a VM profile that strips the * from the dialed number and CFA the call to a specific mailbox. The functionality is similar to a direct transfer to VM. This has worked well for years with CCM 3 and 4. Now in version 5 this no longer works as the calls show up in unity as a direct call rather than a forwarded call (in Unity call routing). I can set up other CTI route points that show up as forwarded but once I use wildcards as the CTI route point DN the calls start showing as direct. Has anyone seen this change in behavior and know how to revert it to the "old" way. Is there a system setting that has changed?

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