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I have 2 call manager with inter-cluster  trunk, Call Manager A 6.1 y B 4.1(3), from call manager A is working  with IPCC 6.0 the call manager A has configure a CTI Route point for the  Contac Center with the extension 2000, the thing is that we need this  configuration: “when someone call the call manager B 4.1(3) which has a  Unity 4.0 for auto attendant and press 0 send that call to the CTI Route  Point number (2000).  

First of all when you dial the 2000 number from  any phone in the call manager B works fine, because they’re  inter-cluster trunk.

I made this configuration: in the unity call  manager B I created subscriber with the extension 8180, after that I  created a CTI ROUTE POINT in the call manager B with the same directory  number and forward all to the extension 2000 but doesn’t work the, but I  change the extension 2000 and put any extension from the call manager A  and works fine.

The only difference between the extension 2000  and any extension form the call manager A is that the 2000 is a CTI  ROUTE POINT. Other thing the CTI are using G711 and the trunk is G729  but with the extension that I made the test was in the same region G711  and works fine.

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