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CTIOS v9.x and SkillGroupName

I am developing a monitor application using C++ CIL with static libraries which wants to be able to determine the name of the skill group to which a call taken by an agent is related.

I can get the call object from which I can get the SkillGroupId.

I can query all the skill groups with CCtiOsSession::GetAllSkillGroups() and every skill group returned says the SkillGroupName keyword is valid but each one has the value as an empty string. If I used DumpProperties() on the skill group object it says the SkillGroupName value is (null).  This is annoying as I know the skill group name is set on the system for each and every skill group.

From the CTIOS Developer Guide, the only other place the SkillGroupName appears to be available is in eSkillInfoEvent messages, but I am unsure how to make CTIOS send me these messages.

Can anyone suggest how I can get the skill group name of a skill group with a certain skill group id via CTIOS?

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