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CUACA 10.5.1 Dropped calls troubleshooting?

Attendant Console Advanced has intermittently started dropping calls, we just deployed a new server to replace the old CUEAC 8.6.


On Monday the Operators were working fine through the morning, and after about 1pm they started dropping calls. After about 10-20 secs the call will drop. Not every calls but about 3 out of 4 lets say. Once I got the heads up did some testing with them and it matched the dropped rate. I rebooted their phone, and it started working. I recommended they reboot their PC at the end of their shift too.

The Operators were fine yesterday (they tend to have their highest volumes yesterday), and then the issue popped up about 10:30ish this morning. Same kind of frequency. I did learn they still had not rebooted their PC recently. So this time I rebooted both their PC and phone. Tested and seems to be working consistently again.

What logs or ccm traces should I be looking at to see why the Attendant Console Advanced call is dropping? Anyone else seeing this?

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