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CUAE after install I Can not access to mceadmin web page


Sorry. I Post this question in the General thread, but I think this is a more appropiate thread,

I install all prerequisites. I follow step by step and the exact versions and in the order the document "Prerequisites for Installation of the Cisco Unified Application Enviroment" specify. I have no problem with this.

then I install:

1) Platform Services

2) Cisco Unified Application Server

3) Cisco Unified Media Engine

In that order. I did not receive any warnings or error in the installation process.

All the prerequisites and products were installed in the same server using VMWare (XP Professional SP2 RAM 1.5GB) via VNC (not Remote Desktop).

After that, follow the "Cisco Unified Application Enviroment Administration Guide" manual. I try to access to:

http://[my ip server]/mceadmin

I' got the error:

HTTP 500 Internal Error

I check the Apache config file. I did not forget to include "C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Unified Application Environment\System\Apache\conf\"

I stoped and restart Apache service using net stop apache, net start apache.

I don't know what else can I check. I follow strictly the procedure specify by Cisco.

Does anyone can help me?

thank you in advance,

marcelo rocha


Re: CUAE after install I Can not access to mceadmin web page

1) Please ensure you are installing CUAE in the proper order (Platsvc, then Appserver, and finally Mediaeng)

2) What platform is this being installed on?

3) Are you using the Cisco packaged OS?

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