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CUC 10.x Greeting name in UNITY CONNECTION not localized in german language

I have installed a demo lab with Unified Communications Manager and Unity. Everything works fine, but the Greeting name on Unity Connection if you call the voicemail is in the standard language (english). I have installed the last available locale from cisco - the greeting is in german locale, but the name or number (whatever you type in display field) where spoken in english. Everyone have an idea for that?


Versions of UC and CUC:


UC -, cmterm-devicepack10.0.1.11001-2.cop, ciscocm.dst-updater.2013i-el6.10.0.1.cop, cm-locale-de_DE-

CUC -, uc-locale-de_DE-



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Hi there, I'm thinking you

Hi there,


I'm thinking you may be hitting this bug;


Only US English TTS is active, all other langs default to ENU TTS
Only US English TTS is active, all other langs default to ENU TTS

If somebody calls into CUC and the system reads text with the TTS engine, it will always read the text with the US English engine, no matter what the system default TTS language selected. Also, the same happens for logged in voicemail users, they will only hear TTS read in ENU.

When locales are installed on the system and set as default . It will always select ENU
When CUC reads a display name or number instead of actually having a "recorded name"
I believe the TTS engine is used.
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The 'Known Affected Release'

The 'Known Affected Release' of the version in the bug tollkit does not match exactly (10.0(0.311)) but maybe this is the same bug. But I think the bug should not be happen with my installed version - right?!


Any ideas for a workaround without speaking the names in the right language for all mailbox user?

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