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CUC Connection Serviceability Feature Service

I recently upgraded our CUC cluster from to  Upgrade went fine and everything appears to be working.  However, on my Publisher, the Connection Serviceability feature service is active but stopped.  I've rebooted the Pub, still stopped. I've tried starting the service through CLI with utils service start Connection Serviceability, command failed.  Service is running fine on Sub and I can access the cuservice page on both the Pub and Sub.  Under cluster management, Pub is running as Primary and Sub as secondary.  Anyone ever run into this?  Should it be this way?  If not, thoughts on resolving?  


Also, Connection Administration was the same way after upgrade and reboot, but was able to start by simply clicking on the Start button.  Haven't rebooted server since I manually started this service to see if it automatically starts.


Thanks guys!

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