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CUCI MOC DisableAVConferencing


I have a case where i'm installing CUCI MOC...

as per Cisco we should disable the DisableAVConferencing registry on client PC which is basically disabling the Audio/Video Conferencing on MOC.

Now as CUCI MOC does not support video confernecing and my customer want to use his own Microsoft Mediation Server for Web/Video conferncing.

How those should work togoether ?

please advise...


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Re: CUCI MOC DisableAVConferencing

I believe CUCIMOC does work whilst still allowing either PC-PC or Enterprise Voice to function, Cisco merely state that it is advisable to disable AV in OCS. The issue is that the interface is confusing to the end user so trying to educate an entire organisation (possibly of any size) on the subtle differences between the two calling mechanisms is likely to be near impossible.

For example, if you right click from MOC you get OCS based voice (PC-PC), or possibly Enterprise Voice if implemented. If you drag and drop to CUCIMOC you get Cisco voice. If you keep OCS AV enabled but don't enable Enterprise Voice it could be very confusing as the user may try to call an external number via MOC, which will fail as there is no EV. The user may also be confused as to whether he's talking via a PC headset or his CUCIMOC controlled deskphone, or why he can't use his deskphone in some instances as he's calling PC-PC without realising it!

If you need vidoeconferencing, which seems to be a key driver for keeping AV with CUCIMOC then video conferencing via MOC uses the PC-PC audio so you can't have Cisco provide the voice, which means everybody outside of OCS won't be able to listen into to video conference calls. You would have to enable EV to allow non OCS users to partipate in the conference call (voice only participation).

Note that the next release of CUCIMOC plans to suport Cisco video.


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