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CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

I have installed the current CUCiMOC 7.1(2)-1.4.6 in a OCS 2007R2 system, configured the server (UCM 7.1), etc. When I launch Communicator the conversation pane for CUCiMOC does not open. The Tools for CUCiMOC are present on the Tools menu, but when I select them I am told that "Communicator is not logged in."

Now, if I CLOSE OCS and start the cucsf.exe application independently it logs into Callmanager and works fine, with the message "You are not signed into Office Communicator, you can continue to use your conversation pane..." it logs into UCM as the user and it works as a soft-phone. I can then start OCS and it works fine as well. But the two applications don't seem to want to work together as an integrated tool.

Has anyone else encountered this? I am running in Windows 7 64bit, BTW.

I am not sure where to start troubleshooting - suggestions welcome!


Re: CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

First of all, MOC 2007 R2 is not supported.

Second, Windows 7 is not supported.

Could you try MOC 2007 on Windows XP?



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Re: CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

I love these answers. Instead of trying to help me find the solution you insult my intelligence. I wasn't asking "What version of Windows and OCS is supported," I was asking "How do I start troubleshooting the problem." If it is too much trouble for you to give me tips in that direction I would appreciate it if you simply don't reply and waste my time!

The CCIE by your name does not give you the right to get snippy - please act like a professional and give valuable advice that refelects well on the community.

Now, if someone can give me some pointers as to where I might find log files or options to help me resolve this issue, I might be willing to share what I find with the forum.

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Re: CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

Based on the following documentation it appears that MOC 2007 R2 is supported:

Is this the case or is it not?

I have it running now on Vista 32-bit with MOC 2007 R2, but it seems very slow to respond. I have already changed the logging level to default form verbose, but it is still very sluggish.


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Re: CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

Problem resolved. OCS 2007R2 uses a default "branding.xml" location of "" for the add-on tabs. This interferes with the attachment of the Cisco add-on tab. Once I removed the reference to the branding tab from the registry the pane was able to successfully attach to OCS and is now running correctly (on Windows 7 64 bit, OCS 2007R2 - in spite of the previous non-help.)

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Re: CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

What modifications did you actually do for branding.xml? I find multiple references to branding.xml in my lab workstation regostry but not the


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Re: CUCiMOC Conversation Pane not openening

My guess is that the OP used the install script posted by MS that does MOC, Livemeeting, and Conference Addin all in one shot. That install sets a custom tab url in the registry. A stand alone install of MOC does NOT include this. Below is what happens....

The customer had a custom Tab configured for OCS that was hosted on an internal web server which was the problem. After going through pages and pages of logs we found that the CUCIMOC install does a lookup on the TABUrl registry setting. If this setting does not exist it simply creates an XML tab and populates the reg field.

So, a few items to watch for with CUCIMOC….

·         Make sure there is no TABUrl published through Group Policy

·         Make sure IF custome tabs are used the XML is either stored locally or you manually modify your custom tab xml and publish it

o   Only problem with the above is that EVERYONE will get the CUCIMOC tab even if they are not CUCIMOC users so you would have to do this with separate Group Policies (what a pain!)

·         The best solution is to push the custom XML to the local PC then use Group Policy to point to the local file. This way IF CUCIMOC is installed it will get the tab and if not then they dont

The custom TabUrl reg entry is located at "HKLM/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Communicator"


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