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CUCIMOC + OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 2008 AD + CUCM 7 CCMCIP Authentication

Does anyone have a successful CUCIMOC integration using OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 yet?

I ask as the release notes mention that this is supported, but there is a NetPro post that says it isn't.

Additionaly, has anyone got CUCIMOC to function when the backend authenticator is Windows 2008 server based AD (no 2003/2000 DC/GCs) (Domian/Forest functional level is 2003)?

In two different installs I keep getting a CCMCIP authentication issue that prevents CUCIMOC from starting (local Cisco team was involved with second one).

In both of these installs users can use CCMUSER and CUC7.x for authentication against the same AD source fine. No personal firewalls are enabled on the CUCIMOC endpoints (XP) and MOC runs fine by itself.

So, net-net, are the components supported? Is Windows 2008 Server as the AD source known to work with CUCIMOC?


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Re: CUCIMOC + OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 2008 AD + CUCM 7 CCMCIP


I had this error using CUCIMOC before and it was simply that my user was not setup properly, the error is misleading. Ensure your CUCIMOC user is associated with your CSF device and is in the CTI enabled group. Also ensure the device has "allow cti control of device" and I also associated my user with the directory line of the CSF device. I take it you have already sync'd the LDAP database with AD? I am afraid I have had specific experience with Windows 2008 server based AD but I certainly had this exact error when my user was not configured correctly.


Re: CUCIMOC + OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 2008 AD + CUCM 7 CCMCIP

Technically, it should work. There are successful examples on the forum.

Officially, R2 is not supported, no matter what the document was interpreted. R2 support is scheduled in 2010 on "MOC 2.0".

CCMCIP authentication error is irrelevant with R2 or not. CUCIMOC was trying to authentication with "Cisco CallManager Cisco IP phone service". You'd better check the registry key "HKCU\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Client Services Framework\AdminData" to make sure the CCMCIP address is correct.


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Re: CUCIMOC + OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 2008 AD + CUCM 7 CCMCIP

On the first responder: The CP7965s and corresponding CSFs are both enabled for "Allow Control of Device from CTI", both have the "Owner ID" set to the apporpriate end user, both are seen as "Device Associations" from the appropriate End User Configuration screen, and for rights, both Standard CCM End Users and Standard CTI Enabled are group permissions assigned. The lines themselves are also associated with the appropriate users on both physical and CSFs.

It should be noted that the first install with this issue has these same users using CUPC 7.x which I believe also requires very similar permissions for desktop control.

On the second responder: I took the release notes at to mean that 3.5 (MOC 2007 R2) is greater than 2.0.6362.36 expecially since the next line mentions R2 in the same table cell. Is this a bad interpretation?

The settings were written to registry using the .BAT method. I have looked in the registry and everything looks solid. In the first install which was a pilot attempt, there is only a publisher so everything except LDAP is the same IP for it's first entry (second or third entries are blank as there is no second CCMCIP, CTIManager, etc). LDAP is pointed at the same AD that CUCM is integrated and uses for AD based authentication.

Other thoughts?


Re: CUCIMOC + OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 2008 AD + CUCM 7 CCMCIP

Next step would be get the CCMCIP logs and packet capture from CUCM server.


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Re: CUCIMOC + OCS 2007 R2 / MOC 2007 R2 2008 AD + CUCM 7 CCMCIP

What we are finding out is that CUCIMOC on Vista or Windows 7 is working; only XP workstations are being affected.

Our initial installs in both cases were only on XP.

What seems to be happening on the XP workstations (physical or virtual via VMWare VDI) is that a error is being issued as MOC loads initially and is found in the Microsoft error log as "Windows Presentation Foundation Host has encountered a problem and needs to close".

This error seems to be the root cause and causes a slew of additional issue, including that we get the CCMCIP authentication error even though we never get the UserID and Password screen in the CUCIMOC conversation window.

When we searched for this message on the Internet and MSDN, we did not get any hits related to anything Cisco (or UC) so we thought that it was not related.

It does appear to be related as additional testing on XP workstations do not have this error before CUCIMOC is loaded, does when it is loaded, and goes away if CUCIMOC is uninstalled.

Any thoughts?

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